Where To Eat In Amsterdam On A Budget

Wow, a post about food? So surprising Julia, I had no idea that you are completely and utterly in love with eating! Yes guys, my post about all of the amazing food I had the chance to try in Amsterdam is finally here, budget edition. Budget because I was on one, but do not let that word scare you off! This food was incredible and inexpensive, and something that you should not miss out on if you are ever in Amsterdam. I know as a fact that I will revisit these places in a heartbeat should I ever find myself back in that city. So, without further ado, here is where to eat in Amsterdam on a budget.

Meals (Lunch/Dinner)

  • Koffiehuis van den Volksbond. Hands down one of the best meals I have ever had and easily one of my favorite restaurants. This amazing experience started with an inexpensive glass of my beloved Amstel, along with bread and the best garlic butter ever. For dinner I splurged (13 Euros) on a dish featuring the best beer simmered rabbit, served over mashed potatoes a kale, all topped off with an Amstel-gravy sauce. I died. End of story. And even with all the gourmet goods (drinks, main dish, and dessert), the bill still came out to about 19 Euros. Amazing food, great staff, and an on-point atmosphere make this a place you should not miss out on. Treat yoself!
  • Thai Bird Snack Bar. I know I have been using superlatives a lot in this post, but, best Tom Kha Gai soup ever (and only 6 Euros). We came back twice during our trip, I think that says it all. While there’s a restaurant version across the street, this place is more of the student hub which seats only 20, and is a lot less expensive (same menu though!). There is a line outside at all times, but no worries they’ll seat you quickly. The great quality and inexpensive food make it all worth it. They also have food to-go!
  • La Cubanita. Recommended to me by a Dutch girl before my trip, this was the only restaurant I had heard of before arriving. I stumbled upon it by chance one night, and did not regret going in.  Tapas are inexpensive and delicious. 2 different ones plus the bread as a starter did a good job of filling me up. Stare up and read the ink pen scribbled walls while you wait for your food!

Coffee Break

  • Winkel 43Oh boy, does this place know how to do apple pie; I’m still dreaming of it nearly 5 months later. After reading raving reviews about it in my Lonely Planet Guidebook, I stumbled upon it just as the cranger (cranky hunger) was getting real. The apple inside is warm and filled with cinnamon delights; the buttery crust melts in your mouth. The whipped cream keeps fresh, and the warm tea on the side warms your soul. Lines are long, so wait a little, and slices are huge, so great for sharing.
  • La Place. While this cafeteria offers all sorts of meals and cakes, I’m recommending it to you for the white chocolate hot chocolate. Yes, you read that right. Made with steamed milk and white chocolate chips right in front of you, it fills you up (so no additional slice of cake needed) until dinnertime and is something to be slowly enjoyed. White chocolate not your thing? Mix white chocolate chips with the milk ones, or go all milk chocolate chips.
  • Cafe Stach. Go here for the yummiest chai tea latte you’ll have on European soil. I’ve tried several in many countries, and quite simply, nothing else has compared. The sweetest part? You can buy the mix they used after you’ve drained your cup. Yummy chai teas every day for a month (I know I have an addiction).
  • Screaming Beans. Recommended to me as the best place for coffee in Amsterdam, I visited and had…tea. However, tea was amazing and presented well, served to us in a huge steaming glass pot. But, if you go, I’d say get the coffee. I don’t know what I was thinking either ;)

Picnic Food / Supermarkets

  • Albert Heijn. Ahh, the home of the best (and cheapest) smoothie I have ever had. There are rows and rows of 2 Euro fresh squeezed smoothies in this supermarket, perfect for a refueling during the day. Also be sure to sample the many varieties of apple baked goods, and the yummy sushi to go. There’s one right by Vondelpark, if you feel like buying a picnic before heading over (as I did). So much good food and such low prices.
  • HEMA. Last on this list, but far from least. While I’m sure many of you Europeans might already know HEMA (there’s 4 alone in Paris), the one in the Netherlands blows the others out of the water. Go here for loading up on oodles of Dutch sweets (my favorite are the Stroopwafels). You’ll come out with a feast, and only about 5 Euros poorer.

What are your favorite eats around Amsterdam? Around the rest of Europe? I am heading to Barcelona, Freiburg, Cologne, and possibly the Netherlands again in the near future, and would love any and all recommendations!


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  • Tailored and true

    Ooh I love this! I think I’ll be visiting this summer so I’ll remember to look here for suggestions!

    • Julia

      Yes please do, I promise you won’t regret it! And have fun this summer, feel free stop by on the blog and check out all of my tips for your visit :)

  • La Travelera

    You have a very nice blog, next time I come to Amsterdam I must try one of these places :-)

    • Julia

      I hope you do, they are so yummy! Thanks for reading :)

  • jadiee bevan

    amazing post !!

    love your blog

    got some freebies on my new post would love to know your thoughts on my new post Jadiee’sLittleBlog



    Have a nice day


  • Yvonne – The Tourist Of Life

    Italian restaurants in Amsterdam are also pretty cheap! Not very healthy.. but cheap!;-)

    • Julia

      Thanks for the tip! Healthy can always wait for when you’re back home ;D Love your blog, I’ve given it a follow! :) xx Julia

  • rae

    Thanks so much for these great suggestions! I have bookmarked this post. I visited Amsterdam a few years back with my mom, but am looking to go again for a weekend sometime soon, so I will definitely be able to put these tips to good use soon!

    Rae | love from berlin

    • Julia

      You are very welcome! I hope that you have an amazing time during your upcoming weekend :) Jealous that you get to live in Berlin, I am actually going to be there at the beginning of May and can’t wait :) Julia

  • Vera

    Oh, I have never been in Amsterdam but I would truly love to! Thanks for sharing it, hope someday it is useful:) Have a nice day,

    The Flash Window | Bloglovin

    • Julia

      So glad I could help out, and I hope that you’re travel dreams can come true! :)

  • Ashlee

    I have family friends moving there in January and we are going to spend a few weeks in the Netherlands, I am solo excited!!

    • Julia

      Lucky, I would love to spend an extended amount of time in the Netherlands! Wishing you so much fun :)

      And love your blog, I’ve given it a follow! :D

  • Eden Mint

    Great list, would love to visit Amsterdam someday!

    • Julia

      Thank you, I really hope you make it someday!

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